Friday, November 17, 2006

Arcata Farmers Market

Farmers Market on the plaza, Arcata, California.
Tomorrow is the last day of the season.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why This Blog?

We love to travel be it short distances or long. Get in the car, get on the road, pick a "field trip" route and take off. We love to discover out of the way places, a breathless piece of scenery, a small cafe where the coffee is good and the food is better, a town where we've never been before, a waterfall just off the road, friendly strangers that soon become good acquaintances or, even better, friends. We love to explore our own community; the back roads, a new restaurant or cafe, the beaches and the mountains. We love to travel afar, by plane or train, then rent a car and go. No reservations. If we see an appealing road, don't follow too closely, we make sudden turns.
We bought a Scion last year. The boxy XB, which was immediately christened Box Car. And what a comfy car it is; roomy, quiet, surprisingly strong. Takes us everywhere we wish to go with nary a complaint.
This then is our travel blog where we'll share places, people, events, food, and discoveries. Most times we'll be in Box Car, sometimes not. We invite you to follow us down the road. But not too closely... We don't always signal.